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Lakewood is a great city to live and raise a family that is located west of Denver with a prime location near the Rocky Mountain.  Located in Jefferson County, Lakewood is the fifth most populous city in the State of Colorado.  Located just minutes away from basically everything in the Denver area, there is plenty to see in and around the city.   Lakewood has many excellent restaurant selections and hotels, and is home to headquarters for Einstein Bros. Bagels, 1stBank and The Integer Group.

We would love to provide you with asphalt paving services no matter if you are a resident of Lakewood, or if you own a business.  If you need asphalt for your home driveway, your business parking lot, or even if your community needs road pavement work completed, we are the right asphalt paving contractors to call.

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Pavers, also known as paving machines,  paver finishers,  or asphalt finishers, are heavy construction vehicles used to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots and other similar places.  The machine lays the asphalt flat and presses it on gently before it is compacted by a roller.

The paving vehicle was developed by Barber Greene Co.  In 1929, the Chicago Testing Laboratory approached the company, hoping to use their material loaders in order to construct asphalt roads easier.  The deal never went through, but Barber Greene did create a different vehicle, based on the concrete pavers that had been used at those times, that both mixed and placed the concrete in a single process. The setup didn’t work well enough for the company’s taste, and the process was divided into two separate actions, making the machine one step closer to its modern version.

The independent float screed was invented in 1993, and, when combined with the tamper bar, provided for satisfactory material density and thickness. The main features of the machine were developed by Barber Greene Co. and they have been incorporated into most pavers since then, although improvements have been made to the controls.

Lakewood Colorado Asphalt Paving

Blacktop Paving Contractor Services

Blacktop paving, also known as hot mix asphalt, started in the 1950s, with the advent of the Interstate Highway System, and the business has continued growing ever since. With modern homes, parking lots and roads, blacktop paving has become an important part of the way we maintain modern pavements.

There are various types of blacktop and it’s important to determine, ahead of time, which is best for a certain area.  We can help you with determining what will work best for your project. The main factors to consider when making the decision of which type to use include expected tear and wear, traffic, and environmental considerations of the area. Because it comes in various asphalt mixes, blacktop is also very versatile and durable, hence its popularity across the globe. When selected and placed properly, it becomes very reliable and can last for decades.

Is Concrete Required Below Asphalt

Pavement Lakewood ColoradoYou do need a base, however, concrete is not the only substance that can be used as the base for asphalt surfaces.  In fact, even recycled asphalt can be a base, as can other lesser-known and less used substances. Either way, pavement should always be placed on a firm, unyielding base. When a paving company suggests a specific material for a base, it’s best to listen, discuss, and figure out what is the material to use as the base.


When To Use Asphalt Over Asphalt

Some people and even inexperienced asphalt contractors seem to think that it is possible to fix seriously damaged asphalt by just placing another layer on top when, really, this method is extremely prone to damage and probably won’t last much more than a year or two. This method may work if the damaged asphalt layer is not too seriously damaged, but that is a huge “maybe” and it’s recommended that any harmed areas are milled and replaced.  This method is called asphalt overlaying.  When the previous layer of asphalt only has minor damage from regular wear and tear, asphalt over asphalt is the go-to solution and is recommended for keeping asphalt fresh and durable. Asphalt over asphalt isn’t necessarily a bad idea – in fact, sometimes it’s the best solution – but the situation and damage do need to be reviewed before implementing this solution.  We have many years of experience with all types of solution and will only suggest the best solution for your asphalt project situation.

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